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Coulsdon Chess Summer Cup Information
(Coulsdon Chess Summer Cup, All Play All and Rapid Play)

The Coulsdon Chess Summer Cups take place over 7 rounds from the beginning of June.
It runs consecutively every Monday evening from the 10th of June until the 22nd of July. It begins at 7.30pm and the time controls are standard play 90 mins and 30 second increment Fischer timing. Entries are taken on the basis of a player's June FIDE and ECF rating - and players must play in the lowest section that both of their ratings put them - unless the players eligible for the section above are happy to allow them to play in that higher section (players cannot choose to pay in a higher section without such permission being agreed by the vast majority of those players).  However Coulsdon Chess reserves the right to move a player up a section if they believe their FIDE Rating is too low in comparison to their ECF rating or if they are too strong for the section they would end up in.  The Jim Hale trophy will be presented to the player that has the highest FIDE Rating performance above their own rating (or ECF conversion/Coulsdon Chess estimate).

LINK FOR Coulsdon Chess Summer Cup RULES but below are a few bullet points for you:

As we are running Swiss system events, players can enter at any time but must be registered by 9am on the Friday immediately preceding a round if they wish to be included in pairings for the next round.  

If Coulsdon Chess is forced to give a scoring bye to anyone (we normally avoid this by using fillers or cross-section matches), it will normally be given (if possible) to a player who has not previously had a bye - and will be worth 3 points.  Requested byes must be booked prior to 9am on the Friday immediately preceding a round.  If a player requests a bye and it is their first bye of the event, it is worth 2 points, although final round byes can only be worth 2 points if booked before the start of the competition..  Any other or subsequent byes which are booked by 9am on the Friday immediately preceding a round are worth 1 point.  Any withdrawals/cancellations after 9am will be worth 0.  If anyone fails to show for a match or cancels after 5pm on the day, they will score -1. 

90 minutes for all moves + 30 seconds added per move Fischer timings from round 1.

Coulsdon Chess will hopefully have someone on standby so generally everyone available will play every week that they are available.  To ensure everyone gets a game, Coulsdon Chess reserves to right to pair a player from a lower section with a player in a higher section to balance numbers.  Where this happens, the "higher" player will be playing for the points in their section and the "lower" player will receive a bye in theirs (unless the "higher" player is eligible (according to Coulsdon Chess) to play in the lower section, in which case the game shall count in BOTH sections. 

There are very strict rules about postponements and we state in the rules that players receiving the weekly email are considered to have read, received and accepted any changes we make unless we hear from them otherwise.  You default otherwise.  The obligation is on you to contact us if you don't get the weekly email. 

No sealed moves may be used - all matches must be completed on the evening they start (this is now even more essential as we are running a Swiss event).  

All players registered (or registering) with FIDE as English must be GOLD members of the ECF.