4th Coulsdon Junior Grand Prix Spring 2023
Saturday 18th March 2023


As this terms junior grand prix events are also English Chess Challenge (ECC) qualifiers, they are being run as one large swiss event.  Please note that the grand prix standings will still be in levels.




Pos Name Rating Code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Score
1 Blake-Gyeresy, Alfred 1360 322915E w16+ b17+ w7+ b9= b6+ b2+ w4+ 20
2 Gaiyp, Dinmukhammad 1146P 352421J w27+ b19+ w3+ b6= w9+ w1- b10+ 18
3 Varenne, Leo 1028 352186C b14+ w15= b2- w26+ b11+ w9+ w7+ 18
4 Simkins, Owain 1151 347335B b22+ w11- b15+ w19+ b8+ w5+ b1- 17
5 Reed, Tommy 1063 342790A w25+ b7- w24+ b16+ w10+ b4- w14+ 17
6 Aiyyapan, Sudersen 1205A 322224L b26+ w8+ b11+ w2= w1- b7- w16+ 16
7 Singh, Aarush 1172A 318846C b21+ w5+ b1- w11= b19+ w6+ b3- 16
8 Gray, Leo 1074K 351593L w12+ b6- w20+ b18+ w4- b16= b17+ 16
9 Ponsudhahar, Adit 1193 328224H w20+ b18+ w10+ w1= b2- b3- w11= 15
10 Sinha, Idhant 1093K 323857L b29+ w26+ b9- w21+ b5- w18+ w2- 15
11 Weiner, Max 1050 320212E w24+ b4+ w6- b7= w3- w15+ b9= 15
12 Tejani, Aydan 584P 347480L b8- bye+ w18- w22- b26+ w28+ b21+ 15
13 Bartlett, Sam 0   w17- b20- w28+ b24+ w18- w19+ b22+ 15
14 Shunmugam, Krish 0 328556L w3- b27+ w16- b29+ b21+ w17+ b5- 15
15 Zeynalli, Nial 1168 344984B w28+ b3= w4- b17- w20+ b11- b18+ 14
16 Weiner, Sam 871K 350677A b1- w29+ b14+ w5- b23+ w8= b6- 14
17 Trivedi, Aarav 1071 330441D b13+ w1- b21- w15+ b22+ b14- w8- 13
18 Wei, Suzhang Alex 1053A 349381H b23+ w9- b12+ w8- b13+ b10- w15- 13
19 Trivedi, Rajvi 1001A 343322F bye+ w2- b23+ b4- w7- b13- w25+ 13
20 Cheriyath, Advay 835K 349449E b9- w13+ b8- w23- b15- bye+ w29+ 13
21 Shuhumi, Elias 759K 344404B w7- b25+ w17+ b10- w14- b24+ w12- 13
22 Chilakamarri, Arjun 637K 349277B w4- b24- w25+ b12+ w17- b23+ w13- 13
23 Hemani, Krish 0   w18- b28+ w19- b20+ w16- w22- bye+ 13
24 Jandu, Aavir 0 351496B b11- w22+ b5- w13- b27+ w21- b26+ 13
25 Fernando, Kewan 0 354119J b5- w21- b22- b28= w29+ w27+ b19- 12
26 Swanson, Isaac 840A 349946H w6- b10- w27+ b3- w12- b29+ w24- 11
27 Kirihettige, Dona 599P 353393B b2- w14- b26- bye+ w24- b25- w28+ 11
28 Royal, Jacob 735A 351595D b15- w23- b13- w25= bye+ b12- b27- 10
29 Kirihettige, Cherry 590P 353394D w10- b16- bye+ w14- b25- w26- b20- 9