3rd Coulsdon Junior Grand Prix Spring 2023
Saturday 4th March 2023


As this terms junior grand prix events are also English Chess Challenge (ECC) qualifiers, they are being run as one large swiss event.  Please note that the grand prix standings will still be in levels.






Pos Name Rating Code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Score
1 Sedykh, Stakhey 1548 298916F b24+ w22+ b3+ w4+ b2+ w5+ b7+ 21
2 Blake-Gyeresy, Alfred 1360 322915E w25+ b29+ w6+ b5+ w1- b14+ w4+ 19
3 Zeynalli, Nial 1168 344984B w35+ b23+ w1- b7= w10+ b12+ w9+ 18
4 Srivastava, Devansh 1246 311006A w37+ b11+ w10+ b1- w7+ b6+ b2- 17
5 Barham, Kai 1187P 331696J w9+ b12+ b15+ w2- b23+ b1- w11+ 17
6 Simkins, Owain 1151 347335B b31+ w33+ b2- w22+ b15+ w4- w14+ 17
7 Kamble, Mayank 1339P 353396H b19+ w13+ b8+ w3= b4- w22+ w1- 16
8 Sahota, Gian 1149P 345627E w36+ b18+ w7- b26+ w12= b9- w20+ 16
9 Varenne, Leo 1028 352186C b5- w16= b34+ w29+ b33+ w8+ b3- 16
10 Khaja, Mesum 1102P 345117D b14+ w24+ b4- w15- b3- w23+ b26+ 15
11 Wei, Suzhang Alex 1053A 349381H b20+ w4- b18+ w14- b16+ w15+ b5- 15
12 Christie, Alexander Dylan 1040K 300998B b17+ w5- b20+ w27+ b8= w3- b16= 15
13 Somers, Quinn 860K 351324F w21+ b7- w26- b17+ w25- b31+ w24+ 15
14 Cerda, Joseph 0 353401H w10- bye+ b29+ b11+ w28+ w2- b6- 15
15 Gulhane, Advay 0 352747F bye+ b28+ w5- b10+ w6- b11- w25+ 15
16 Habib, Hasnain 0 352489K w29- b9= w37+ b28+ w11- b21+ w12= 15
17 Newell, Jack 0 319143G w12- b25- w30+ w13- b29+ w27+ b22+ 15
18 Nikmal, Imran 0 353711A b32+ w8- w11- b24- w30+ b26+ b23+ 15
19 Shuhumi, Elias 759K 344404B w7- b36+ w28= b23- w21- b30+ w31+ 14
20 Jeyasubakar, Vikash 0 353403A w11- b30+ w12- b21= w34+ b25+ b8- 14
21 Sebaratnam, Gerrick 0 353400F b13- w31+ b22- w20= b19+ w16- w28+ 14
22 Koganti, Michael 963P 342436E w26+ b1- w21+ b6- w24+ b7- w17- 13
23 Swanson, Isaac 840A 349946H b27+ w3- b33+ w19+ w5- b10- w18- 13
24 Cheriyath, Advay 835K 349449E w1- b10- w36+ w18+ b22- w33+ b13- 13
25 Dyer, Zachary 796K 344405D b2- w17+ b27- w32+ b13+ w20- b15- 13
26 Poffley, Walter 0   b22- w34+ b13+ w8- b27+ w18- w10- 13
27 Shunmugam, Krish 0 328556L w23- b35+ w25+ b12- w26- b17- b33+ 13
28 Nair, Arjun 1196K 329162F b34+ w15- b19= w16- b14- w29+ b21- 12
29 Reed, Tommy 1063 342790A b16+ w2- w14- b9- w17- b28- b35+ 11
30 Elsherbiny, Adam 945K 342066J b33- w20- b17- w35+ b18- w19- b36+ 11
31 Barua, Naheel 0 353398A w6- b21- bye+ w33- b32+ w13- b19- 11
32 Parekh, Krish 0 353402K w18- b37- w35+ b25- w31- w36- b34+ 11
33 Saddi, Arinav 0 353399C w30+ b6- w23- b31+ w9- b24- w27- 11
34 Kandian, Krishna 641K 342791C w28- b26- w9- b36+ b20- w35= w32- 10
35 Adil, Ahmed 0 353397K b3- w27- b32- b30- w36+ b34= w29- 10
36 Campbell, Alex 0 352906L b8- w19- b24- w34- b35- b32+ w30- 9
37 Zanetti de Souza, Lauren 694K 330457H b4- w32+ b16-         5