A few years ago, the English Chess Federation announced the all players had to become members of the ECF to be able to play in nationally graded tournaments.  The charge that was going to be made for this was too prohibitive for most of our players (especially those wondering whether to try playing in their first event), thus we decided to set up our own grading system, where we produced termly grades in a numerical system that most players would value.  All of our tournament results since that time have gone into that system.

As of the 2018-19 season, the ECF charge for juniors to become Silver members is coming right down.  The cost is to be 5 per year......AFTER your first year of membership, which is FREE.  As a result of this we are going to switch back to grading our events with the English Chess Federation - AND we are now going to have nearly all of them FIDE Rated as well. 

FIDE (for those who do not know) is the World Governing Body (Federation Internationale des Echecs) - and their rating system is recognised world wide (for the globetrotters amongst you!).  For tournaments to be FIDE Rated, there has to be a FIDE registered Arbiter present - and we can produce no less than 5 of those on the CCF team.

Going forward we are going to insist that ALL players who play in our events need to be English Chess Federation Silver members before playing in an event.  This can be done by clicking the following link for information: (Note: this link is down as at 10 July, but should be live soon with info for the new season). Players signing up for events in August might like to consider that they are given August free with the new year's membership (all memberships run from September to August), so it is a good deal! 

We will check the online list on the morning of any given event (or the day on which entries close), to ensure that ECF membership has been obtained.  Anyone not joined as a member will not be able to play - so please do not leave it until the last minute before registering.

Qualifier for the London Junior Championships
(Plus an Under 18 section)
All FIDE Rated & ECF Graded
Qualifier for the English Chess Challenge
All FIDE Rated & ECF Graded
Champions' League Chess (School Team)
FIDE rated (except Infants' event)
& ECF Graded)
Jessie Gilbert Celebration International
Junior Coaching & Events
All FIDE Rated & ECF Graded