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Coulsdon Chess Club Super League History of
(Captain: Daniel Gliddon)

SEASON 2023-24
1st TEAM   Crawley Crusaders The Gladiators Pawn Curry King Pawns Pawn Cocktail The Gladiators1 Pawn Cocktail
2nd TEAM   The Gladiators 2 Hat-Trick Real Madrid A The Luddites B Real Madrid B Chessters The Luddites A
PLAYERS DATES 25 Sep 23 Oct 27 Nov 29 Jan 26 Feb 25 Mar 29 Apr
Mark Gray 2110 1:1W 2115 1:1D 2108 1:D 2103 1:1X 2103   2103   2103  
Supratit Banerjess 2017 1:2D 1939   1993 1:2W 1984 1:2W 2137 1:1W 2025 1:1D 2060 1:1Wdef
Nasir Rizvi 1979 1:3W 1956 1:2Wdef 1946 1:3W 1968 1:3W 1946 1:2D 1968 1:2L 1959 1:2W
Oliver Howell 1809 1:4L 1791 1:3L 1782   1782 1:4W 1834   1905   1905  
Chris Howell 1831 2:1W 1833 1:4L 1820 2:4W 1822 2:1W 1804 1:3W 1882 1:3L 1873 1:3Wdef
Daniel Gliddon 1471   1490 2:1W 1482   1475 2:2Wdef 1440 1:4W 1672 1:4L 1681 2:1D
Oscar Marsden 1241 2:3W 1207   1244 2:2L 1267 2:3L 1268 2:1L |1553 2:3W 1560  
Finlay Beard (1052) 2:4L (1023) 2:4W (1029) 2:4L 1055 2:4W 1111 2:3W 1518 2:2L 1551 1:4L
Nishith Gadiraju 1190   1168 2:2W 1154 2:3L 1158   1108 2:4Wdef 1443 2:4D 1511 2:2L
Pratyush Manchandia     1078 2:3W 1100   1126   1126   1476 2:1L 1490  
Meikum Mahadevan 1174 2:2L 1152   1152 2:1L 1132   1132 2:2D 1485   1485 2:3L
Andrew Shoulders 1174 2:2L 1152   1152 2:1L 1132   1132 2:2D 1485   (854) 2:4L


SEASON 2022-2023     -     PAWN CRACKERS (2 teams)

Chino Atako, Supratit Banerjee, Mike Corner, Nishith Gadiraju, Daniel Gliddon (Cap), Mark Gray, Chris Howell,  Ruari Kusumakar, Oscar Marsden, Meikum Mahadevan, Henry Smith, Nasir Rizvi, Tim Warner-Burley

Position 1st: - 1st out of 6 in the Premiership, 2nd - 3rd out of 8
SEASON 2021-2022     -     PAWN CRACKERS (2 teams)

Supratit Banerjee, Mike Corner, Adam Faulkner, Daniel Gliddon (Cap), Olufemi George, Mark Gray, Chris Howell,  Ben Innes, Rufus Ma, Meikum Mahadevan, Sam Redway, Henry Smith, Nasir Rizvi.

Position 1st: - 1 out of 12, 2nd - 9th out of 12
SEASON 2018-2019     -     PAWN CRACKERS (2 teams)

Elan De Almeida, Daniel Gliddon (Cap), Mark Gray, Chris Howell, Oliver Howell, Stephen Johnson, Jai Kothari, Charlie Metcalfe, Aurideep Nayak, Tom O'Neill, Joshua Pond, Freddie Phillips, Nasir Rizvi.

Position 1st: Premiership - 5 of 6,     2nd: Championship - 6 of 6.

This was certainly a disappointing season for Pawn Crackers, with both teams finishing in the red zone at the end of the season.  They were not helped by the regular non-availability of a couple of players - and the 50% availability of a couple of others, often leading to weakened 1st teams, meaning that 2nd team players had to play up, leaving that team weak as well. 

SEASON 2017-2018     -     PAWN CRACKERS (2 teams)

Daniel Blythe, Daniel Gliddon (Cap), Alex Golding, Chris Howell, Elizabeth Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Robert Maguire, Charlie Metcalfe, Aurideep Nayak, Tom O'Neill, Nasir Rizvi.

Position 1st: Premiership - 4 of 8,     2nd: Championship - 7 of 8.

Their run without the title goes on, despite a very solid start and a strong squad.  The only half point dropped in the first 3 rounds was against the eventual champions, but they were not helped by one of their strong players being unavailable for most of the season.  Their second team defaulted 3 boards during the season and on paper, will probably feel disappointed to have finished so far down the middle division.

SEASON 2016-2017     -     PAWN CRACKERS (2 teams)

Jack Chaudhury, Daniel Gliddon (Cap), Alex Golding, Robert Maguire, Aurideep Nayak, Soumiya Ragavan, Nasir Rizvi.

Position 1st: Premiership - 2 of 8,     2nd: Championship - 6 of 8.

Now without a title in 5 seasons, they again had to settle for the runner-up spot.  Their draw with RSJ in the 2nd game would have been a fantastic platform to run neck and neck with the holders and eventual champions, but defeat to The Gladiators in their opening game meant that they had to win against RSJ to give themselves that platform.  The 2nd team went 1 place better than last season, managing to finish just 1 place above the red zone.

SEASON 2015-2016     -     PAWN CRACKERS (2 teams)

Hajane Anbukumar, James Bacon, Kevin Bailey, Jack Chaudhury, Edison Fallon, Daniel Gliddon (Cap), Alex Golding, Koby Kalavannan, Robert Maguire, Aurideep Nayak, Soumiya Ragavan, Nasir Rizvi.

Position 1st: Premiership - 6th of 8,     2nd: Championship - 7th of 8.

It was a frustrating season for last year's runners-up, often down to lack of availability of key players - this led to them signing 2 new players during the course of the season.  So instead of challenging for the title, they spend most of the season with an eye on what was happening below them.  The 2nd team were affected and struggled, eventually finishing in the red zone at the bottom of the Championship. 

SEASON 2014-2015     -     PAWN CRACKERS (2 teams)
Players Nasir Rizvi, Alex Golding, Robert Maguire, Koby Kalavannan, Matt Darville, Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Hugo Fowler, James Maguire, Aurideep Nayak, James Bacon. 
Position 1st Team: Premiership - 2nd out of 6      Cup - Lost in Cup S-F          2nd Team: League 2: 1st out of 6      Cup - Lost in Plate Q-F
Comments It was an amazingly close title race, proved by the fact the 1st team finished 2nd despite losing 2 of their 5 matches; amazingly they thumped the eventual champions in the 2nd round. They had a stroke of luck in the Cup Q-F when defeat turned into victory thanks to the honesty of the opposing captain after realising he had played an ineligible player, but they couldn't take advantage and went out in the S-F.  The 2nd team had a superb season, wiping out the opposition to win League 2. 
SEASON 2013-2014     -     PAWN CRACKERS (2 teams)
Players Nasir Rizvi, Koby Kalavannan, Matt Darville, Shyam Kalairajah, Alex Golding, Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Hugo Fowler, James Bacon, Max Carter, James Maguire, Aurideep Nayak. 
Position 1st Team: Premiership - 3rd out of 6      Cup - Plate Winners          2nd Team: League 1:6th out of 8      Cup - Lost in Plate Q-F
Comments A better league season for the 1st team having narrowly escaped the drop last year.  Only 1 defeat to the eventual champions but disappointment as they fell at the first hurdle in the cup, then emerging as favourites and eventual winners in the plate.  The 2nd team perhaps didn't do as well as they had hoped but most of the team was young and will only improve for future seasons.
SEASON 2012-2013     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Nasir Rizvi, Matt Darville, Shyam Kalairajah, Caspian Heeler, Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Alexander Dantas. 
Position Premiership - 5th out of 6      Cup - Winners
Comments This was an extraordinary season for Pawn Crackers.  Any thoughts of a 3rd successive league title were soon out of the window after defeat in their first 3 leagues of the season.  The ran bottom all season until the final week when, supported by a win in the penultimate round of games, they were able to agree a draw on one of the board to accept a defeat that was "less" than Castles Knights and send the latter down.  Amidst that, they managed to become the inaugural winners of the new knock-out cup.
SEASON 2011-2012     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Alexander Dantas, Matt Darville, Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Caspian Heeler, Shyam Kalairajah, Nasir Rizvi
Position Premiership - 1st out of 8
Comments Having waiting so long to win the title for the first time last year, the strolled to it again this time around.  A mid-season draw and a last round draw were the only points dropped as they led from start to finish. 
SEASON 2010-2011     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Matt Darville, Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Caspian Heeler, Shyam Kalairajah, Sean Lintott-White, Nasir Rizvi
Position Premiership - 1st out of 8
Comments Always one of the pre-season favourites, Pawn Crackers finally won their first title after a nail-biting final round match against Late Knight Sacrifice, who were also in the running.  A middle season defeat was the only major setback as teh team with the highest graded squad took the title.
SEASON 2009-2010     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Matt Darville, Jasdeep Gahir, Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Sean Lintott-White, Nasir Rizvi
Position Premiership - 2nd out of 8
Comments A hugely strong top 3 boards meant that they started the season as one of the favourites, but they failed to win until the 3rd round.  A win in round 6 left them sitting in 5th place but still with a mathematical chance of the title.  Amazingly they finished 2nd; only denied top spot because The Gladiators avoided defeat in their final game.  
SEASON 2008-2009     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Bobby Aspinall, Matt Darville, John Dougrez-Lewis, Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Dan Quinton, Aidan Rawlinson 
Position Premiership - 6th out of 8
Comments The spirit of the Pawn Cocktail team that had been relegated the previous season was in their squad, which looked to be one of the most powerful, but turned turned out to be risky on grade with so many blanks being fired at key moments.  Having drawn the first 2, they slipped right into the battle at the bottom and sat bottom going into the last game.  Only a heavy win combined with other results going their way would do.  They got exactly that, helped by their opponents defaulted a board and one the teams they were trying to catch losing a point on appearance rules.
SEASON 2007-2008     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Vikas Chadha, Ben Fry, Joshua Giles, Sean Lintott-White, Patrick Rice, Dominic Warner (Capt)
Position Championship - 1st out of 8
Comments Defeat in the 2nd game of the season left them languishing in mid-table, but wins in all their other games meant they took the title by 2 points, even after having the luxury of a point deduction for failing to comply with the minimum appearance rule. 
SEASON 2006-2007     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Jinhooi Chan, Matthew Lunn (Capt), James Hall, Dominic Warner, Vikas Chadha, Patrick Rice
Position 11 out of 12
Comments Pawn Crackers had a poor season, although it was not helped by one player being abroad a fair bit and 2 others ruling themselves because of exams at the end of the season.  Pawn Crackers have been relegated to the new 2nd Division.
SEASON 2006-2007     -     Under 100: PAWN CRACKERS
Players Bobby Aspinall, Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Richard Ledingham, Mike Matthews, Dan Quinton.
Position 5 out of 8
Comments It was a great start and a great finish for Pawn Crackers who won their first last games.  But they were condemned to the bottom half of the table thanks to 3 straight defeats in teh middle.
SEASON 2005-2006     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Geoff Marchant, Chris Paul, Dominic Warner, Dan Quinton, Vikas Chadha, Remy Claustres. 
Position 10 out of 14
Comments A season of little note despite the potential strength in the squad.
SEASON 2005-2006     -     Under 100: PAWN CRACKERS
Players Daniel Gliddon (Capt), Dan Quinton, Duke Quinton, Richard Ledingham.
Position 2 out of 10
Comments A much better season for Pawn Crackers.  They lost the first game against the holders and eventual winners but then won in the remaining 4 rounds to finish 1 point CCFMindGames. 
SEASON 2004-2005     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Paul Barnard, Vikas Chadha, Geoff Marchant, Neeilan Ravindran, Visagan Ravindran, Alex Troop
Position 15 out of 20
Comments A slight improvement on last season with a different squad to last season.
SEASON 2004-2005     -     Under 100: PAWN CRACKERS
Players Vikas Chadha, Richard Ledingham, Dave Morgan, Richard O'Neill, Gary Francis.
Position 9 out of 10
Comments It was 4 straight defeats at the start of the season, with victory in the last round which would otherwise have been a draw had it not been for defaults.
SEASON 2003-2004     -     PAWN CRACKERS
Players Kevin Bailey, Michael Gwilliam, Robert Hamilton, John Sheekey, Tom Shillingford.
Position 17 out of 20
Comments This was a team put together by Daniel Gliddon and he basically ran the time whilst also running Pawn Cocktail.  With this squad, the results should have been better.  A shaky start was steadied in the middle rounds, but they fell away again to finish a lowly 17th.

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