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The 11th
Celebration International Festival 2018


FIDE Rated Tournament
All English players in FIDE sections must be current GOLD members.
Others must be at least Bronze -
or pay the non-Appropriate ECF membership fee in the pulldown menu.

JCGI - Evening Matches
The idea of this event is to allow more people to be able to take part in one of the Jessie Gilbert Celebration International events, rather than just those who can attend on all 5 evenings.  Players can enter 1-5 rounds on a pro-rata cost basis and still have a chance of a prize.  The entry for each round is 5.  It is mainly about giving players rated and graded games.  Let us explain the process:

You enter.  In doing so you choose how many of the 5 nights you wish to play - and state which nights you are registering for.  Nights you cannot play, you do not enter!  You can subsequently add further nights as circumstances allow you - as long as you are registered by 3pm on the day of any match.  We will list all bookings on the web site so you can see who is being paired on each evening.  After 3pm each day we will pair the field, but not as you would a conventional tournament!  In fact, the actual score of the player will not come into the pairing system used. 

We list all the players in descending order of playing strength.  We add a filler (wherever their rating puts them) if required to make an even number of players for the round.  A coin will be tossed to decide whether the top seed has black or white - and then the top 2 will be paired against each, then 2, the next 2 and so on, with all even numbered seeded players in the top half of the draw playing the same colour - and odd numbered seeds in the top half of the draw the other.

ROUND 2 and beyond:
We follow the same process as round 1, but completely ignore score.  We pair the players following a similar process but considering the colours played in the first round and ensuring nobody has a repeat opponent.  We hope that, if we have enough entries, everyone should get games against players of a similar standard in most, if not all of the rounds.

There will be 3 prizes:
*   The best single individual rated performance for just 1 game (ie TPR) - so even someone playing 1 night can win something!
*   The highest aggregate traditional score over the 5 rounds (no byes can be scored)
*   The best TPR for players who have played at least 3 of the 5 rounds.



90 minutes for all moves plus 30 seconds Fischer increments will be added from move 1.


Approx 50% of entry monies will be put into the prize fund for each event.
(aside of any extra monies collected for grading from ECF non-members)

Round 1 Monday 20 August - 7.00pm
Round 2  Tuesday 21 August - 7.00pm
Round 3 Wednesday 22 August - 7.00pm 
Round 4 Thursday 23 August - 7.00pm
Round 5       Friday 24 August - 7.00pm

The start time is subject to players having been allowed a half hour break after finishing their afternoon game - if they are playing in that competition.  With the later start of the afternoon event on Monday, this could be more likely that evening.  A shorter time control might be needed in certain cases where the start of a match is delayed.

84-90 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, Surrey. CR5 3BA

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