CCF FIDE Rated Blitz
Monday 13th April
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Federation Membership:  There is no requirement for English players to be members of the ECF for a Blitz event, but anyone not yet with a FIDE reference code will have to either confirm that they are happy to register as ENGLAND, or else contact the Federation they wish to register under and obtain a new FIDE reference code.  Failure to achieve one of these tasks will leave us unable to accept the entry.

Prizes: These will be set during the first couple of rounds - the total fund will be based on approximately 3.50 per player.

Information Relevant To All Prizes: Ungraded players cannot claim any grading prizes unless CCF has been able to obtain an accurate and confirmed estimate. CCF reserve the right to look for past playing history to verify estimated grade & amend this during the event if necessary - please include full details of recent tournaments.
In the event of players eligible for more than 1 prize, we will allocate prizes as we consider best appropriate.
Please note that an administration fee is likely to be deducted from any prize we are asked to post.



Venue:    84-90 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, Surrey. CR5 3BA

Tournament Type:    The event will be 7 round open competition, which will be paired using a Swiss system.  Players may request a point bye in any round.  However, byes in the final round must be booked before the tournament starts and the request cannot be withdrawn after that time.  All games will be FIDE Rated with results included in the English Chess Federation Grand Prix. Ratings will be taken from the latest records that we hold at the venue on the day of each event.

Times and Default Times:    Round 1 starts at approximately 7-30pm. Default time will be 5 minutes after the start of each round. All players play in all rounds (except where there is a bye - no player can get more than 1 bye). It is NOT a knockout!  We do not set round times but will start the next round as soon as reasonably possible after the previous one.

Time Control:    8 minutes for all moves plus 2 seconds added Fischer timings from move 1.

Laws of Chess:    FIDE Laws of Chess Apply.  The decision of the CCF controller is final in all matters.

Mobile Phones:    CCF allows mobile phones onto the premises.  However, we will strictly implement the FIDE laws.  Players must switch their phones off during play (we will not allow them on silent mode), but players are invited to put their phones on divert to the CCF telephone number (020 8645 9586) whilst the congress is in progress, should they be expected urgent calls.  

Other Electronic Equipment:    To uphold the FIDE laws, players may not interact with anyone using computers whilst their game is still in progress. 

Results on the Web Site:    It is a condition of entry into any CCF tournament that CCF may list results (including names and clubs) on our web site for permanent display